Helpful Information About Bed Bugs

Their name gives it away. Bed Bugs!

Just the thought of them make some people scratch. Much of their time they spent in beds which I'm sure isn't a big deal and doesn't concern you. Unless, it's your bed I'm talking about.

Sleep tight don't let....

This biting menace is one of the most annoying household pests on the planet. There is also a lot of myth surrounding these bloodsucking creatures. I bet you've heard a lot of horror stories and YES, some of it is true. But it's their brutal bites we fear most and can itch for days to come.

Bedbugs are common intruders these days and yet, we have no single tool or method used on its own, including insecticides, that can get rid of them.

However, multiple techniques have proven to get rid of the most stubborn infestations one can think off. I got more good news...

YOU can do it!

Ignoring infestations or taking short cuts with so-called quick fix methods is not an option, once setting up camp inside your home they will go nowhere...unless you make them.

  • Do you want to learn about best treatment methods?
  • Are you unsure whether bed bugs are responsible for your itch?
  • Worried about suffering more bites tonight?

If so, sit back because you've just found the best bedbug site on the web. Whether you looking for general facts, how to inspect your room, or which products work best, you're sure to find what you're looking for.

Bedbug Treatments

Inspect Your Bedroom

Bite Marks

Are Bed Bugs Your Fault?

For most people it remain a head-scratcher as to how these vampires managed their way in. They are masters at hitching a ride on our clothes and luggage for instance. So with frequent travel common today, they can effortlessly infest bedrooms whether it's inside a house, famous hotels, luxurious apartments or a king's palace, for these fearsome beasts it do not matter.

And do they care about poor cleaning standards or unhygienic conditions when they move in...? Do they ask questions about race, age or income before they infest a dwelling...? 


But for those of you practising daily housekeeping chances are infestation levels are low and recent. 

Interesting Facts About Bedbugs

Bed bugs are:

  • tiny wingless insects (cannot fly)
  • unable to jump
  • over 5mm long when adulthood is reached
  • indoor pests only
  • not found outdoors in grass, trees or bushes
  • nocturnal
  • feeders of human blood
  • often mistaken for dust mites
  • always found living near a host
  • sensing the presence of a host through body heat, sweat and CO2
  • found all over the world
  • not transmitters of disease
  • scientifically known as Cimex Lectularius
  • capable of climbing-up smooth surfaces such as walls and even glass
  • capable of surviving twelve months without feeding
  • not sociable insects such as ants
  • not easily spotted as they can hide themselves petty well
  • hiding in gaps, crevices and darkish undisturbed areas

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