Tell Tale Signs Of Bed Bug Bite Marks

Insect bites are not easily identified but for most skin types there are something significant about bed bug bite marks.

This biting menace tend to feed on the same skin area more than once. That's why their bites on average look more severe comparing  to those of other insects such as mosquitoes. Though it would not be considered uncommon to find a single bite, three or more bumps in a rough line is your most significant clue of a bedbug rash. Images on this page illustrates just that.  

Pest controllers refer to this pattern as " breakfast, lunch and dinner".

Raised bumps and swelling are common symptoms of bed bug bites. Therefore the biting pattern or trail they leaving behind may only become evident after accumulated fluid reduces.

Carefully examine your skin rash and if it looks anything close like the picture beside then it's worth inspecting your bed for a possible infestation. It only takes a few minutes and can help you getting to the bottom line sooner.

Typically bed bug bite marks stay for 3 to 4 days before fading away but if you are known to be more sensitive to allergies than the average person, the bumps can stay much longer.

Where On The Body Do Bed Bug Bite Marks Occur?

The University of Kentucky carried out an interesting study on how people experienced bedbug bite symptoms. Included in their research list is a breakdown on which skin areas this critters prefer to bite. 474 volunteers participated living in dwellings known to be infested with bed bugs. Breakdown is as follows.

Location of Bed Bug Bite Marks

30 percent of the volunteers had no reaction from their bite but those whom had:

  • 21 percent were bitten on their face
  • 38 percent were bitten on their feet
  • 40 percent were bitten on their hands
  • 40 percent suffered bites on their neck
  • 50 percent had bites on their back or chest
  • 75 percent had bites on their legs and
  • 84 percent had bites on their arms

People also reported to have suffered from a whole lot of different bite symptom caused by bed bugs. Read more...

More and Rather Strange Bite Locations

It's possible for me to see phrases people use to find my website. Here follows some...

Can bed bug bites cause:

  • swelling
  • swollen lip
  • swollen feet
  • burning sensation
  • itching without a rash
  • pain
  • burn
  • joint pain
  • red puffy eyes

I'm not too sure about the last two but all the others are a possibility.

Beneficial Information

Bed Bug Bites Or Flea Bites

Flea Bites

To help you identifying bed bug bites it's best to compare it with those of other biting pests. Flea bites tend to be in clusters or a zikzac pattern. They also tend to live and bite in all areas of your house. Bed bugs tend to live and nest where people sleep on a regular basis. So if you do not use your living room as a bedroom, go sleep there for a couple of nights. If you are still getting bitten, then your main suspect is fleas.

Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites confuse many people. Sometimes when you discover an bite mark on you skin you expect the worst. Don't. Of the two above mentioned insects, mosquitoes are easiest treated. Ensure your bedroom is mozzies-free when you go to bed. If you still suffer insect bites, only then investigate further.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite in Lines?

No one really knows why the answer to this question. It is thought that they bite repeatedly until they find a pleasing blood vessel.

Another probability is they are disturbed by a victim's movement. Once save again, the insect finds another blood vessel and continue with the feeding process that takes between three to five minutes.

Tell Us About Your Bites

Tell us more about what your bite marks look like and how you experience it.

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