Tell Tale Signs Of Bed Bug Bite Marks

Grouped and line formations are a strong indication of bed bug bite marks. The image on the right is a great illustration of what it looks like. But you can never be absolutely sure that these small bloodsucking insects are responsible for your inconvenience.

Reaction sometimes differs in appearance from one individual to another. Small raised bumps appear either soon after the biting process or can take as long as ten days before it shows.

To pinpoint which biting pest caused the marks on your skin is a tough thing to do. But bedbugs tend to leave their tracks behind. 

There is this "bite-pattern" you should know about and watch out for.

They always feed on the same area more than once as the picture demonstrates. Can you spot the line and/or group formations? Usually but not always three to four bites in a line.

Bedbug saliva, like most other biting insects, is an allergen that can cause extreme discomfort for sensitive skin types or those whom are prone to allergies.

The welts usually stay 3 to 4 days before fading away but if you are known to be more sensitive to allergies than the average person, the bumps can stay much longer.

Swelling is common when you are bitten on your hands or other soft skin areas. Inspect your rash and if it looks somewhat like my description, it's time to do a bedroom check.

In fact, a room check is sometimes the quickest and easiest way to uncover the truth and could only take you five to ten minutes.

Bed Bug Bites Or Flea Bites

Flea Bites Or Bedbugs?

Bedbugs And Disease

Inspection For Activity

Bedbug Welts

Some may also experience bed bug bite marks as small pimples or blister-like. (image right)

Although it's not uncommon to see bites on ones legs and feet, more often than not it occur on upper body parts.

Some people do not react to bedbug saliva at all while for others, itching is unbearable. There is some debate as to how many victims don't itch at all. That could be one reason why plagues can be so bad, people aren't aware they have them.

Mosquito Bite

Knowing more about behaviour differences between biting insect species may also help you uncover the truth. Take a mosquito as an example. They only attack expose skin whereas bed bugs are able to crawl under lose clothing and blankets in search of a blood vessel.

You will only suffer bed bug bite marks indoors, mosquito's will bite you outdoors as well as indoors. Consider it coincidence when mosquito marks occur in group or line formation.

Bed bugs are mostly night time feeders so waking up with more bites every morning strongly suggests that your worst nightmare has come true.

Why Do Bed Bugs Bite in Lines?

No one really knows why the insect has this habit when feeding.

It is thought that they bite repeatedly until they find a pleasing blood vessel.

Another propability is they are disturbed by a victim's movement. Once save again, the insect finds another blood vessel and continue with the feeding process that takes between three to five minutes.

Tell Us About Your Bites

Tell us more about what your bite marks look like and how you experience it.

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