Best Ways To Kill Bedbugs

Take another look at the headline. It says "wayS to kill bedbugs!" WHY?

Multiple techniques are always required to eliminate these vampires. They are tough customers and NO single tool or activity, used alone, will get rid of them including pesticides.

The more methods you employ to get rid of these creatures the quicker and better your chance for success. There is some GOOD NEWS though. Some of the things you need, you already have.

Things You May Need To Kill Bed bugs At Home.

Vacuum Cleaner

The next step shows you how to rid their camp sites with this simple household tool.

Ensure you have the appropriate accessories at hand.

Most important ones are the floor tool,
brush- and crevice attachment.

Stiff Brush

Bed bugs cement their eggs to rough surfaces such as fabric and wood. So a vacuum cleaners are not the best tool for this particular job.

A brush easily dislodge eggs from mattresses that shouldn't be treated with chemicals.

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR's)

A bed bug egg is only 1.5 mm long and take roughly two weeks to hatch. So two things in discussion here are:

  1. Eggs are small and to destroy every single one is hard.
  2. Your second "follow-up treatment" is due after two weeks when eggs have hatched.

Bottom line is why take all day looking for eggs or wait two weeks just to get bitten again when there are products like these.

IGR's are chemical sprays that do not actually kill bed bugs but disrupt the life-cycle of insects in the egg and larvae stages. In short, it is a birth control for insects and prevent eggs from growing and maturing into adults.

However it must be used along with a quality bed bug killing spray as it only addresses the problem of reproduction and not killing the insect. The importance of IGR's can be all too easily overlooked when treating bedbugs.

Bed Bug Spray

The market is flooded with sprays but still we are unsure which ones work best and which ones don't. I wrote this page to tell you about the insecticide my business is using.

For a number of reasons bed bug infestations are one of the most difficult household pests to eradicate. But when people fail, they blame it on the spray. Let me assure you, you can have the best stuff out there and still fail if you don't thoroughly follow instructions or spray the liquid in the right places.

I agree, there are a lot of useless sprays available to both professionals and amateurs but most other methods to kill bedbugs will only work together with a quality spray.

Buy from pest control shops/websites as I'm not sure products off the high streets and corner shops work. Fly spray wouldn't work.

Kill Bedbugs with Diatomaceous Earth

Also called bed bug dust. This is an extremely effective and natural product that has no chemical toxicity. Looking at the dust particles under a microscope and you'll see razor sharp edges. When the bug crawls over the powder it damage the waxy layer surrounding the insect's body and as a result causes death from dehydration. Here is in instructions on how to do a treatment with diatomaceous earth.

If you chooses nothing else on this page, (not recommended) then this is the product you want. It take longer to kill bed bugs, when used on its own, than some other products but acts as a guard when you're asleep.

Steam cleaner

My right hand when I’m out to kill bedbugs. The steam drives our little enemies out of their bunkers just to get caught-up with heat and die. It also destroy eggs easily. See these bloodsuckers emerge from their hideouts, places you never thought they would be, cracks, openings, behind peeling wallpaper/paint you name it.

Bed bug traps

Not really meant to kill bed bugs but instead to monitor progress. However this method do helps to wrap-up the odd bed bug or two that escaped life sentence in-between treatments. Employ traps to monitor for future infestations and areas not treated.

Mattress and Box spring Covers

See this as an investment. Never again trash or treat these items for insect infestation reasons. This fantastic product not only restrict harbourages but also "jail" all life cycle stages that's left inside.

One of only a few ways to treat mattresses and box springs.

Tools you may need


Avoid using small handheld sprayers such as 500ml's. Don't tell me I didn't warn you. I have never seen exterminators used them have you? Why not? Those ones will not just take ages to deposit an sufficient layer of liquid on floors and carpets (for instance) but hasn't got the pressure required to penetrate openings and crevices.

So if possible safely transfer the liquid into a pressure sprayer.

Bigger sprayers have adjustable nozzles, extension lance, hose and good pressure. You stand the best chance to reach all areas and effectively kill bedbugs.

Flash light

Bed bug symptoms are hard to spot and you will need to check dry dark areas to uncover their shelters.

Puffer (duster)

To assist you with the application of diatomaceous earth. A plastic ketchup or mustard container works fine too.

Tools to disassemble bed frames

You will be surprised how easily these insects get inside screw holes and joints which are indeed one of their favourite hideouts.

Next step show you how to control bed bugs without spending a single coin.

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