How Long Before You Rid Of Bedbugs?

How long does it take to get rid of bedbugs? Unfortunately there is no straight answer to this question but I'll explain the best I can. It will depend on a few facts such as:

How soon an infestation is detected - if activity has just started, changes are good you'll find the bug/s in your bed only. However you should still check and treat the whole room for a good change to rid bed bugs with one single treatment.

How soon one acts after an infestation was discovered - leave it for too long give females the opportunity to deposit eggs and could delay eradication as most sprays do not kill the eggs.

The level and extend of the problem - when infestations are left untreated for some time, insect number could be high and found inside most rooms of a premisses. Several products and techniques are needed to get rid of bedbugs.

Whether quality products are used - for a number of reasons bed bugs are immune against certain insecticides found on the shelves today. Lucky for us there are still lots of products that will do the job effectively.

If you are unsure what to get then I suggest concentrates rather than ready to use sprays. Smoke bombs also known as fumigators are found on every corner today but I'm not too sure if that works. IGR's (Insect Growth Regulators) take care of eggs and will help make your efforts more effective and sufficient.

Treatment methods used - make sure to always use more than one method for eradication. Heat is by far the best approach to quickly rid all life cycle stages.To get rid of bedbugs is no easy task and do not be tempted to cut corners.

Has the origin been established - If you can't figure out how the bugs were introduced it can take forever to get rid of. Think about where you go and take preventative action. Even ask your neighbours...

How long does it take to rid of bedbugs?

Two to four well executed treatments over 3 - 5 weeks is my best guess. Again its a touch question to answer.

Let me set you at ease with the following truth, when a single pest control treatment is carried out thoroughly, expect to see the problem at least 80% resolved.

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